Thursday, November 6, 2014

Believing is Seeing!- at Materialise

It may sound strange but my friend and fellow quilt enthusiast Jo and myself would often stand in Materialise of an afternoon and pray for Liberty. What can I say, We Love It! As two self confessed addicts we were into using the stuff big time. We had a daily dalliance with the colours (man!) and we wanted more.... Heck we needed more!!! Especially if we were going to finish Jo's Liberty strippy quilt in hues of pink and green with hints of blue and lilac so it had an amazingly harmonious, perfectly graduated colour selection..... Today I pray to give Thanks for such positivity coming into my life.
It's no wonder so many of us share a fascination and passion for blue and white with Arthur Liberty making a study of it at one of his first retail store's..... 
Lately I have been drawn to the apricot pink shades which was a favourite when I think I was about 10 yrs old.
This week new Japanese Linen panels arrived. The prints are beautiful
The tones work perfectly with either a natural linen or this new Japanese Linen in soft silver grey. "Hello friend......"
A diverse and rather inspiring selection of fresh books also arrived. I am keen to get stuck into making some clothes from Sew, Chic, Kids.....
My fave book for quilts "Unconventional & Unexpected" is hands down a must in my collection.... Featuring this quilt amongst many, many, many, more lovely creations.
Elizabeth is an amazing client who is always full of positivity and it definitely shows in her work featured here. The colour washing in these quilts is just so easy on the eye. 
Elizabeth affectionately calls these quilts her trunk divers... as they have been predominately made from   
the diverse selection of novelty prints that are available in our chest of Japanese pieces....
Elizabeth has added bits from previous quilts, like this piece from her son's golfing quilt. Piecing the fabrics together in a thoughtful and purposeful way to create a theme and build the loose story that gives each quilt its own personality. 
Elizabeth is a woman after my own heart.... She has lovingly quilted the main body of the quilt in diagonal stripes, changing the thread colour to match the colour gradient of the quilt top.... I LOVE doing that too. It makes your eye just skip happily down the quilt. 
 For the borders Elizabeth has used this really cool wave design that just works. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to change up and improve my quilting techniques so I think I will be borrowing this one. I might need a bit of practice first though to get it right....
(I hope you don't mind Elizabeth?)
This quilt has just hours of fun for a wee one...
A true eye spy done in a very cool, modern way...
Elizabeth's quilts are truly magical and have a flowing narrative that gives the receiver the greatest viewing pleasure possible. 
Thank you for sharing Elizabeth