Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a Patchwork Quilt!

or is it? 

No it's PotatoHead in (guess where anyone??????)
Yep you got it! Bali

Still it looked like a patchwork quilt to me and clearly was the inspiration for the colours in my lastest Novelty Squared Quilt. Shown at the end of this post

Just before I went away one of my long standing and clearly very talented clients Di came to Materialise and took my breath away with this truely magnificient and masterful piece of workmanship. 

Wow..... I Love It! Such a Labour of Love. I can see in every stitch how much Di is enjoying making this truely remarkable heirloom.

Sue made her 2nd grand daughter this fresh and fun loving quilt

Sue was a bit nervous and not really sure how she would go conquering my Boho design from the pattern, without a lesson....

I think we can all clearly see that Sue has nailed it to the floor! I Love It! It's so fresh and fun & just what a lil' baby girl needs

Lindsey another quilt mistress who not only makes many amazing quilts, but also an exciting array of softies, cute & very covetable bibs (so I hear on the grapevine from those who receive them ) and cute little clothes for her grand children and their friends.

Lindsey recently made two amazing quilts: one boy & one girl quilt in preparation for a new baby arriving soon. Both quilts had an accent on grey and were simply stylish and yummmmmmmm!
The quilt above was a beautiful wash of colours with a subtle wash of light pink and this little birdy that 
was so happy soaring above the clouds so high!

This cute little owl was very busy hitting that ball and busting some moves as a tennis pro!

It wasn't until I loaded these photos up all together onto my blog that I realized where my 'one tracked mind' colour brief had come from.......
Clearly this Retro, Boho come Collesseum style Shack has had some kind of influence on my physchi

CrazZeEeee but CooL! 
My quilt 'Novelty Squared' (shown above) is an old but new quilt now available in my "It's So Me!" pattern series for u to make at home..... In an attempt to lure you into the store (and away from ordering fabrics online from the US) I have made up some unique 6inch Novelty Square sets with fabrics that you as customers have been asking for that I had in my stash. Be quick as they are not available online anywhere, only at Materialise Now!

Here is a small selection of the fabrics I have put into the store..........

My nephew Joshie will peak "Look aunty Soph it's Cars doin' burnouts..........that's so cool"
(clearly my fave)

King of the Jungle.... Naturally

The colours in this print are many & offer lots of scope in this quilt!

So retro, so fun,  just had to

CraZzZzEeE cute.....

Gettin' Busy in the City.....Bust it