Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Made This!

A couple of weeks ago I found two little forlorn solid oak chairs looking all lonely like on the side of the road.....

They are really straight laced little school numbers. Perfect for a bit of glue, a bit of fabric and a lil' bit of CrAzY gets Creative 

I've glued fabric to wood before but I'd been wanting to put together a chair that used a whole lot of little bits, that was really retro and fresh looking. The whole "Strawberry Fields" theme is still a bit of a thing I've got going on so I literally picked a pile of bits up off my studio floor and strategically stuck them to the chair. 
 "Wicked Sticks"

Here's what I up ended with. Let me know what you think???

For a more convincing slightly padded effect I pieced together the top back rest, then I cut and stuck a scrap of wadding to it before wrapping the fabric around the top and attaching it to the back of the back rest with glue.
"too easy"