Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Addicted to Polka Dots

As the new stock rolls in it's becoming alarmingly apparent that I have gone completely overboard and O.D'd on spots..... We have polka dots in every shape, size, colour & even in every shade of every colour...

"A girls gotta have options"

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it...
As it turns out I'm not the only one addicted to spots... 

Last week some of the cool people in Perth dropped by to use the shop as a set for the short film they are making. 

Written by young film-maker Tania (pictured below) "De Choix" is a fun story about a girl who is addicted to polka dots in every which way.....
"haha I love it!"

The guys working on the set where really professional, it was great fun watching this talented & extremely organised crew do their thing... 

After shooting all morning at Materialise they then headed to Wall Candy on Beaufort Street in Mt Lawly. Kewl!!!

As promised my quilt "Tribute to Dior, Homage to Liberty" is back up in the shop for a little while. So for all those customers who have been asking to see it again please come in and take a look.......  (I won't hang it for a long time because I don't want it to go out of shape)

I made this quilt 4 years ago now for a competition in France. The theme for the comp was "Fashion, the reflection of an era"...... Using entirely Liberty fabrics I pieced hundreds of tiny scraps together to represent a voluptuous flowing skirt... 

Here are some pictures of one of my latest patchwork projects that I thought may be of some interest. Lately quite a few customers have talked about wanting to do some upholstery... 

Another addiction I seem to have is with old chairs. For years I've been collecting cool 'one off' old chairs that I like. The garage is looking a little crowded so I got stuck into piecing a selection of my favourite oldy worldy rosy fabrics which I then quilted and used to cover this cute little bedroom chair.

It's not quite finished..... I still need to make the box pleated skirt which covers the legs

Available for all to see soon in the store......

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ok... Wiggle it just a lil' bit!

How cute is this fabric???? Mum made me a dress using this fabric when I was a little girl. (So it's over 30 yrs old) I found some small scraps recently which I'm using in a quilt I'm currently making at home.

I'm proud to say that Vanessa (my sister in law) is keeping the tradition alive for my little niece Stella. Ness came to the shop and made some cute little bubble skirts for Stella (3 yrs old). Stella chose the fabric for the skirt shown above. It's no surprise she chose the Flower Fairies by M. Miller..... Stella was speechless the day she came to the shop and saw this fabric the same as the books she has. What little girl doesn't lurve a fairy?

Lindsey who now has 3 grandchildren came to my very first quilt class (about 7 years ago) and made her first strippy quilt for Madelene her first grandchild. Lindsey makes many beautiful things as gifts for her friends and family and this w'ittle family of wabbits is no exception. Using an assortment of fresh novelty prints from Kokka & Alexander Henry Fabrics for their tummies & ears with a lively array of Yuwa spots and stripes for bodies, arms n' legs.  They are rather special indeed!

"I have given them names; Sophie, Georgie, Clare & Ash"

As you probably already know Lucy girl has worked diligently to make her masterpiece Materialise... Featuring 'Birdsong' by Liberty Lucy chose to make a strippy quilt  but then went berserk using the kewlest co-ordinating bits & pieces... Check it out! (pardon the pun)

Lucy found the dark pink Liberty she used (above pic - on bottom row) to be the best blender. 

Combined with an exciting selection of prints & patterns in an amuzhing array of orange, yellow, lime green and magenta pink tones....   from 'Liberty Paisley Collection' by Kaffe Fassett, 'Little Folks' by Anna Maria Horner, 'Love' by Amy Butler.... Yeah baby!

Here are some pics of the store. We have cute new buttons in lots of different colours. Lady birds too!
Also simple yet stylish 3 tier wooden sewing boxes are now available. 

Our cute n' fresh Novelty FAT packs. Included above is the beautiful baby cot sheeting fabric (4 designs avail) $12.50 per metre.

We just received a cool new range of yarn dyed checks and tonal fabrics that are great for the boys.

 And we all know how hard it is to find cool stuff for the boys.

There are also quite a few cool Oriental style prints and fabrics that are amazing to touch. So sexy (need I say more)

Sallee another long standing client came into the store this week and finished patching the top of this stunning quilt.

Sallee has collected a fantastic selection of blousey floral prints from kaffe, philip jacobs, jennifer paganelli & amy butler & tonally mixed them with some striking stripes & spots. 

I recently planted a new garden bed at home along my new blue fence. I chose this rather exciting and beautiful Australian native plant that grows in the bush where I grew up (Darlington). Mum would always try to grow the same species in our area so we would go to Zanthorrea Nursery and try to find the plants that were common to our bushland. So it's kind of fitting that it's flowering so magnificently (in October) the anniversary of her passing...

This is a purple fringed lily and I LOVE IT! And I love you too Mum, I miss you & I think of you every single day..... xx love always