Thursday, October 19, 2017

Yummy New Yuwa by Itaya Naomi

Simply Stunning Yuwa fabrics arrived from Japan this week. 
Oriental inspired prints that have the most delicious textures
and colours.....
 These silky soft sheeny cottons are designed by Itaya Naomi and have always been popular on our shelves.....
 Several different designs all in a range of captivating colours.
 The detail printed onto the surface of this cloth can be enjoyed here
 and will add a really beautiful dimension to your quilting project.
This superb floral has so much movement and also looks great cut up in a boho style quilt.
New also from Yuwa are these amazing chalk style designs by artist Keiko Goke.
Heart Heart IV also has a matching stripe that can be viewed on our website.
 This pretty strawberry floral by Atsuko Matsuyama for her 30's Collection was a feature fabric in my strippy quilt 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and has been requested countless times.... So get involved!
 I couldn't resist this vintage style card print by Micci Collection also by Yuwa fabrics. 
 The super fine sateen is printed with these muted designs,
 which remind me of cards that my Mum gave me as a child... I am visualising some pretty cushions in our lounge room in this super luxe fabric....
Also popular this week is this Novelty fabric highlighting iconic tourist destinations in Japans major city's.
For those of you who Dream of free motion quilting your own Liberty quilts with beautiful organic hand drawn daisies such as these....
Dream No More!.... Come in and sign up to do a one on one class with Sophie. 
A 2 hr session will give you all her tips and tricks and set you on a path that will set you on a free motion quilting journey that you'll LOVE....
Speaking of Love! Here is the love and light of my life, my Little Liberty girl. 
This week she has been learning to sew on my big machine....! She couldn't be happier now that she is a sewer and has great plans to make her own teddies..... That's my Girl!!!
This week marks the 11th anniversary of my Beautiful Mum's passing..... 
"Not a day goes by that I don't think of you Mumsy. I love you, I miss you and wish so much that you had met my gorgeous little munchkin! She's a chip off the old block..."