Thursday, July 16, 2015

Life is a Liberty Garden

We have been busy making some beautiful things in the new fabrics just in from Liberty Interiors. We suggest you come in to take a look at the beautiful array of exquisite fabrics in each collection. 
This design 'Faria Flowers' in Marigold is from 'The Secret Garden' collection.
These silk/cotton velvet cushions are so moorish that you will want to take them home with you to admire and stroke. Cushions can be ordered in any size and design and come with feather inserts. 
Using plush Designers Guild velvet on the back makes them super stylish. 
This popular pouf covered in 'Flowers of Thorpe' Summer Bloom. 
Simple yet so lush and effective in any room. It will look great in my house, especially in Liberty's bedroom!
This honey coloured stool really comes alive as it proudly displays deluxe velvet 'Patricia' in Spice. 
Armed with my staple gun I used under half a metre to cover this stool.
Faria Flowers this time on a white background printed on a beautifully smooth cotton is about to become a lamp shade. Fresh and light it would brighten up any room. 
Faria Flowers is clearly a favourite... Printed here on a light and airy Linen.
I still haven't decided what to do with this amazing piece 'Garden'. 
These are just a few of the amazing pieces we have available in the store to showcase Liberty Interiors, to give you greater insight into how beautiful these fabrics really are..... 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Liberty Art Fabrics - 'Interiors' now at Materialise

We get many customers asking for heavier weight fabrics suitable for upholstery so Materialise is excited to announce we now have delicious 'Interiors' produced by Liberty Art Fabrics. 
You will not be disappointed, everyone who has seen them has fallen in Love with these amazing designs and fabrications that can be used for all manner of home decor. Four ranges are available in a range of different weights
The plush velvet above is from the latest collection 'The Secret Garden'
 Have you been looking for a stunning fabric to re-new the cover on your old but comfortable couch......? This is 'The Jubilee Collection'
 If you have a divine single chair that needs a bit of a facelift or you would love some new curtains to brighten up the lounge room. This is 'The Nesfield Collection'
 You may just fancy a few fresh new cushions...... This is 'The Heritage Collection'
Perhaps you have a feature wall or area that would look amazing with a splash of wall paper... Try the 'Wallpaper Collection'