Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sew - New Threads

We recently decided to expand the range of Aurifil threads we stock. So have just introduced the 50 wt which is the orange spool. As you can see the colours below are yummy, almost good enough to eat. They really make us want to SEW!
 The 50 wt thread is beautiful and fine and is great for free motion quilting. It is also ideal for hand piecing hexagons and also hand applique..... Lizzet and I selected a range of colours that we felt we would like to use when quilting.....
This week I had a bit of fun piecing some blocks to jazz up a few of Liberty's little t-shirts. Just simple stuff because that's what looks the best. Here I have used the Aurifil 12 wt - red spool which is a little thicker for a more pronouced thread. It works perfectly for blanket stitch around my hearts....

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fresh & Fun...! Works in progress

This week Susan popped in to show me some of the really cool things she has been working on.
I absolutely fell in LOVE with these amazing pieced babushka dolls.
Each composition has been expertly crafted by looking at the colours within each panel then using them in a variety of exciting co-ordinates which make the colours sing
I especially Love how Susan has joined her blocks together with the soft linen spot. It's exquiste & really gives that ultra retro feel
Susan is also hand piecing these magnificent paper pieced hexagons.... The quilt thus far is really something eye catching
 Joan also finished her massive strippy quilt with boho borders
Joan is also piecing up her back to use up all the left over fabrics which I will show you once it's been quilted.
 Jade also finished piecing this quilt top from the book "Quilt Love" which we now have in stock. This is Jade's first quilt and I just love the colours & fabrics she has combined
 If you come in this week you will see we have a lovely selection of gifts, books, bindings and new quilts to show you. Lizzet has quilted her little baby's quilt and this week we discussed doing a boy version too
If you are currently thinking about or planning a wedding you simply must take a look at this inspiring book "Vintage Wedding Style". There are some really fun and nifty ideas.....
Lucy's Liberty table runner is on display in the shop for all those in love with Lucy's Liberty Christmas.  
This book "Paper Bliss" sends my imagination into overdrive...... Obviously with a emphasis on paper, they also incorporate lots of yummy fabrics into the projects. 
Liberty & I are in love with this amazing children's book so I thought I would share it's beauty with you  too.
 Our elephant pincushion trying desperately to disguise himself as a hedgehog.......

Friday, September 13, 2013

My Mum's Hexagons

My Mum was an amazing sewer. She sewed mostly clothes for herself and us kids when we were growing up. In the early 1980's she got involved and did a bit of patchwork and this is one of her projects.
Still unfinished (complete with basting stitches) her gorgeous hexagons were the epitome of style & quilty goodness to me and have always held a special place in my heart. Her handpeiced hexies hang in my studio as a reminder of what it is I love about quilting. I especially love the fabrics she has chosen. Lavender blue was my Mum's favourite colour. Her room was even painted a pale shade of lavender blue.
Last week I showed you the beginning of my handpieced hexagons. Although my colours are a bit different I was surprised when I realised I was using exactly the same size hexies as Mum. Strange since I was given a packet as a gift from a gorgeous friend. 
I am making a cushion for my little Liberty girl cause she really loves all the cushions I have made for her. She rolls around on the floor rubbing her head & face into them. It's so adorable!!
 I have chosen the traditional yellow for the centres just for fun and because I had a small amount of this amazing yellow that I have been saving for oh about 15 years. Bout time I used it I think!!!
 All the fabrics I have used to make the hexagons have a special meaning for me somehow and I've been saving them for the right project. Chive featured above in these fresh, bright colours was Mum's pick for a binding on one of my quilts. ("The Rose Garden" a strippy quilt we have in the shop). I also made Mum a head scarf out of it when she lost her hair during chemo.
 This week my very talented friend Chilli Soul who is 6 came home from school with these amazing pieces of art!!! I absolutely LOVE them! The colours are fantastic!
 I think if Chilli wanted to forge a career in the visual arts she has definitely got a great eye for colour, shape and composition. Well Done Chilli girl! 
 After my Mum passed, I went to her house and when I walked into her wardrobe I found some of her head scarfs that I had made for her to wear when her hair fell out. They were still tied and I could see the impression of her head in each one. It was probably one of the most profoundly sad moments for me but looking back also a really beautiful moment too. I cried & I cried.......
I brought them home and I now have them hanging in my studio cause they really feel like Mum. They are so beautiful, especially the one in the middle with the stylish 1920's ladies. These ladies are the epitome of style and are my mum all over. 
I just love them!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lucy's Liberty Christmas

This week I tried something I never thought I would. I started paper pieceing these cute hexagons. It's a bit addictive and very meditative.... I love it but I think I'm going to start small & make a cushion....
 I also played around in a bag of scraps I was given (mostly older designs) and continued pieceing these squares for a quilt I've had on the go for a while now..... "Good things take time"
I'm at my happiest when I'm pieceing tiny random & odd pieces of fabric together making weird and wonderful combo's. I love it because it's so whimsical and the result is so surprising. 
During the week I also started making a fabric Christmas tree for the shop. (There's another thing I never thought I'd do; start Christmas in September..... Crazy!) 
Anyway that reminded me that I had to show you these beautiful & inspiring pictures.
 Last year Lucy who is passionate about ALL things Liberty chose to make a Liberty Christmas for her family and friends. The result was outstanding and quite breathtaking.....
 It took us both several months to make the strippy table runners to cover the ten metre table her Dad custom built for the luncheon. We also made metres and metres and metres of bunting to string overhead.
Imagine sitting down and eating an amazing Christmas feast surrounded by this. Yes Please Yum!!
 Lucy completed her table with simple peonies in white and soft pink and used scraps of Liberty to tie around little gift boxes 
She even added these cute little Liberty bonbons......!