Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hexagons Again - precut packs now available!

I haven't been able to stop myself, I think I'm a bit addicted...... Making these cute little Liberty hexagons from a combination of my collected vintage and also new season Liberty tana lawns. I feel like I am immortalizing each Liberty fabric by making a hexagon in its honor. 
Liberty Hexagon precut packs are now available at Materialise. Each pack contains 21 different hexagons that have been professionally cut.
I am recovering this cute 1950's foot stool with cute bakelite legs. I thought an eclectic mix of cool and retro Liberty's would suit this little guy perfectly. I'm going to make a pull on slip cover that can be removed when it needs a wash. 
 I want this little stool to be a bit of a "piece" in my living room so I have pulled out some really cute designs that I have been saving. Like this cute little butterfly..... I am still sewing my hexagons around the papers because I am not making too many, however most people making quilts are gluing the fabric around the paper which saves time. 
These 1 inch hexagons are great because you can cut the hexie out of a true scrap of fabric that is quite small, utilizing your scraps to the fullest. 
 You can see how these old Liberty's mix beautifully with the new season Liberty we have in the store. So if you have some old Liberty scraps you have been wanting to use pull them out and come and grab a couple of our precut Liberty Hexagon packs and some papers and start a project that works for you.