Monday, November 18, 2013

Exciting New Arrivals

Our newest arrivals are a stylish selection of japanese prints which we are all completely in love with..... And it's not hard to see why, these very wearable timeless cotton prints are proving to be quite popular.
More like a tana lawn than a quilting weight, these Japanese fabrics really give Liberty tana lawn a run for its money without the Liberty price tag. When these fabrics arrived the ideas just flowed.......
All are perfect for clothing (especially the dark chocolate & dark pink spot!) Lizzet and I are completely smitten with it, infact we bought it because we both loved it so So SO much that we got it for ourselves & didn't really mind if no one else liked it. (I have a pair of pants in mind plus a playful pant suit for Liberty and Lizzet is thinking a blouse.....)

This week Helen came in and did a few classes and learnt to make these gorgeous cushions as a special gift for a family member.
 Helen's brief was grey couches in a minimal home and little boys, so the new Japanese fabrics that we featured a few weeks ago on the blog worked a treat.
 I think you will agree they are simple yet eye catching and perfect for a home where patchwork isn't wanted as the focus.
Rather the focus here is on stylish, modern and beautifully made........

If you are looking for some great ideas to make some gorgeous Christmas gifts for your family and friends then pay our store a visit, have a chat with us and workshop an idea that you would like to create & we will help you bring it to fruition........