Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lucy's Liberty Christmas

This week I tried something I never thought I would. I started paper pieceing these cute hexagons. It's a bit addictive and very meditative.... I love it but I think I'm going to start small & make a cushion....
 I also played around in a bag of scraps I was given (mostly older designs) and continued pieceing these squares for a quilt I've had on the go for a while now..... "Good things take time"
I'm at my happiest when I'm pieceing tiny random & odd pieces of fabric together making weird and wonderful combo's. I love it because it's so whimsical and the result is so surprising. 
During the week I also started making a fabric Christmas tree for the shop. (There's another thing I never thought I'd do; start Christmas in September..... Crazy!) 
Anyway that reminded me that I had to show you these beautiful & inspiring pictures.
 Last year Lucy who is passionate about ALL things Liberty chose to make a Liberty Christmas for her family and friends. The result was outstanding and quite breathtaking.....
 It took us both several months to make the strippy table runners to cover the ten metre table her Dad custom built for the luncheon. We also made metres and metres and metres of bunting to string overhead.
Imagine sitting down and eating an amazing Christmas feast surrounded by this. Yes Please Yum!!
 Lucy completed her table with simple peonies in white and soft pink and used scraps of Liberty to tie around little gift boxes 
She even added these cute little Liberty bonbons......!