Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Operating Heavy Machinery.....

I just love this Quilt! Made by Jean for her first grandchild (this is her first quilt!) Like most new grand mums Jean wanted to make a quilt and upon request from her son for a quilt pertaining to "Heavy Machinery" she made this naive style applique quilt that is beautifully balanced & crafted. Jean clearly has an eye for design and made this amazing discovery herself. 
Jean brought a patchwork and quilting magazine into the shop and showed me a picture she liked with a selection of inspiring colours and asked me to help her select some colours. Together we made a selection of fabrics. 
Jean made drawings for each piece of machinery (her husband drew the tug boat) then she cut the shapes for each vehicle and stitched each into place by hand. Here is the outcome. 
This takes my breath away!!! Seriously this is so cool, I just LOVE it!

This 'R' is for Resa. This is another 'first' made this time by Liana who came into Materialise with her friend Tracey. They have both learnt in sessions with me to cut and sew 6 inch square patchwork quilts from scratch including rotary cutting, pieceing techniques and freemotion quilting. 
This strip that says 'Resa's' is part of the boho border Liana has made using the extra pieces left over from her squares. Liana has an excellent eye for colour. I  feel the colour choices she has made for her quilt are truly excellent.

I talk about living vicariously through my customers but I have to say that this one totally takes the cake!!!
Stacey has built and is currently decorating her new home and wanted a few stand out key pieces that she had seen in magazines. She came in to see us at Materialise & using this luxe fabric from Designers Guild together we have pieced & crafted a bespoke lampshade. We are still working on this project so keep an eye out for the finished product soon..... 

A short time ago Claire purchased one of our Oriental Boho Quilt kits. Claire made this colour fresh boho quilt adding a touch of pink to rev it up a little
Claire attended a couple of sessions at Materialise to put her on the boho track 

I think it is easy to see that she nailed it!

There are a lot of new & exciting things at Materialise.........drum roll!

 Many people will be happy to know that this highly sought after patchwork skirt pattern that many have admired in these cute fabrics is back in stock!. YES! We finally have the pattern back in stock so if you have been wanting one, now is the time to come in and grab it because they won't hang around.
In and around the background of the picture above is a small selection of the new fabrics that have just arrived at Materialise. 

Also in stock now are these Geisha panels - above (I really love the colour combinations they have used here: they are so so fresh) and Alphabet Letters by Moda (below) which have a true vintage feel.  In a continuing effort to stay alive and Materialise my life I decided to part with them. So I cut up these amazing fabrics that have been in my stash for over 5 years and am happy to see them go to a happy home. 
Goodluck Girls & Boys!
Also new at Materialise are these beautiful new fabrics for boys! Yes Boys. For all those that have been asking for a good stripe or check in blue or red or green and the rest. They are not spots. (Well some are - but that's only because they don't make very many cool stripes and checks, so you wouldn't want to buy them anyways) Above is a Kewl Boys print that has three co-ordinating colored checks. I really really like them & feel a quilt coming on!
Above is a continuation of the boy story I am working to build! I really love these! And Who Wouldn't??

Back by popular demand is 'Bite Me' & the large red quarter dot. The multi strip in the middle is new but won't last. I can already tell. 

And only because these colours are just so fine. I had to offer these cotton sateen spots with the most beautiful lustre on the surface of the cloth. There is a chocolate with a blue spot that is so edible.  All the colours in this range are very useable and very clear.