Friday, June 7, 2013

SALE EXTENDED! Crazy Prices Now at Materialise.....

Materialise SALE extended for 1 more week.....
ON SALE now until next Saturday June 23rd 
COME IN & grab some great BARGAINS!!!
We have made some really good reductions throughout the store
All fabric bolts 25% OFF (includes Liberty)
This includes 25% off fabrics already reduced!!!
Fat 1/4 Packs are 30%, 40% & 50% OFF
Ribbons & Trims 25% OFF
Books at Crazy Prices up to 75% OFF
Homewares handmade 20% OFF
Fat 1/4's now $5 each or 6 for $25
Tootsie Rolls $1.50 each or 5 for $5

We have quilts for sale and lots of other items have been reduced to clear

So come in and take a look!.....

I'm in the beginning phase of decorating my little girls bedroom. Over the years I have travelled around and collected many fabrics which I one day thought I might use in a nursery. This gorgeous little naive picture of ducks printed on a natural linen is an absolute gem! I bought this fabric in downtown New York over 6 years ago and have finally done something with it. 

My theme for the bedroom is "Animale Carnivale" so I intend to use an interesting array of creatures for Liberty to enjoy so I have used these beautiful fabrics from my stash to make some canvases for the walls. In doing so I have also made a collection for the shop including these cute chickens!

From this picture "On the Farm". Come in and check them out. (as you know wall space is limited) so when you walk in, turn and look up, they are above the door and windows...

Here is a cute picture of my little cherub Liberty Violet. She started walking this week and almost blends in with Lizzet's Liberty quilt on the bed.

 Sally & Sophie came in to show me their magnificent quilt. Sally made this masterpiece for her daughter Sophie, who chose all the fabrics. Sally started by stripping all her favourite combo's of colours and then cut these into large blocks. So simple yet so effective.
 Here Sally lovingly strokes the quilt she has made her daughter.

top view of strippy piecing design

 Susie also came in to slect the borders for this stunning wedding quilt she is making as a wedding gift. 

 Here Susan has used the Tree of Life as a central theme. Pieced mostly using Liberty fabrics however she has also added a cool array of spots and other co-ordinates to bring each central theme to life & tell her story...
The couple receiving this quilt live in Scotland on a farm

I think Suasn's choice of fabrics speak for themselves, just fabulous...

 Each novelty piece Susan has selected tells a story pertaining to her life with her cousin

It is very beautiful Susan, the most gorgeous gift to give